About Up North Lifestyle

Up North Lifestyle was created by Ryan Red sky out of a desire to break free from the societal grind and pursue a road less traveled.

Ryan is an oil sands worker that spends much of his time up north in remote camps and loves the formidable allure of the northern landscape and lifestyle. He believed the only way to actualize his goals of having job security and living a life of recreation in the outdoors, was to forge his own company that would deliver him both.

Taking this courageous step into the unknown represents the symbolic journey of so many before him. The trailblazers, pioneers and explorers that chose to throw off convention, conquer their fear and challenge themselves to discover something new.

As a company, Up North Lifestyle’s core values are to Honor History, Cherish Community, Respect Nature & Go Hard. These core values are what drive the business and brand and push us to reach our goals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to unite a community of Northern trailblazers, rule breakers and history makers to honour and celebrate Northern living.

Our Mission

It is our mission to become the lifestyle brand of choice for Northerners by delivering quality, casual comfort designed for life & play Up North.